Jeanette Powers is a poet painter, who is non-binary both politically and personally.
Jeanette Powers
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Victimless Crime

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“He’s alive and the worst thing about that is that it makes me free. I don’t have to keep sitting shiva with Schrodinger’s Dummy in the bed we used to share. He’s alive and nothing is burning down. There is only myself to reckon with. I chew on the edge of my right hand thumbnail and stare at the places where the wall spackle looks like a laughing toothless woman made of salt.”

Victimless Crime is a gut wrenching grenade of a story that hits the nerve of every person who’s stayed too long in a toxic relationship. The story plays out through three days of a woman waiting for her partner to come out of his bedroom: where she’s actually sure he’s dead of an overdose or suicide, but will not open the door to check on him. Our unreliable narrator bounces between memory and moment to tell a tale of profound revelation, deep trauma, and how to navigate and survive a world full of addiction, sexual abuse, rape, self-harm, mental illness and toxic relationships.

This book ships in February of 2020.
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Jeanette Powers is a poet artist, working class anarchist and non-binary queer who is never far from the banks of one river or another. They are the founding editor of Stubborn Mule Press and an organizer for FountainVerse, an annual 3-day poetry festival in Kansas City. Their work can be found in Chiron Review, The Wild Word, Nixes Mate Review, Thimble Lit Mag, Trailer Park Quarterly and more. Their first novel, Victimless Crime, and newest poetry collection, Dandylion Riot, are both due out in February of 2020. Powers will be touring for the year 2020 on their "Dandylion Riot" American Poetry tour, after a month long residency in Iceland for January.